Watch the first Star Wars: Battlefront trailer

Rebels riding speeder bikes

Finally, we have a trailer for DICE’s Star Wars: Battlefront. Let’s all watch it. Then watch it again. Then let’s watch the important parts. Then lets’ dissect it in excruciating detail.

But most of all, let’s do it TOGETHER.

Here is the Star Wars: Battlefront trailer.

Random thought: a cool side-effect of having the entire game be about computer animated characters is that the Rebel Alliance can actually feature non-human characters doing things and taking part in combat. It was always a little odd how the Rebels, who were against the Empire’s discrimination against other species, always looked like, well, film extras.

Also, this trailer does nothing to dissuade me from my growing conviction that the Empire kept the AT-AT around because it looked cool, and not because it was an effective armored vehicle.

Final thought: I would really like some gameplay footage now, please.