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Star Wars Battlefront has a new 8v8 mode called Drop Zone, will be playable in the October beta

Star Wars Battlefront Drop Zone

Large scale conflict can get a bit exhausting, can’t it? All those searing laser projectiles lighting up the theatre of war while man and machine wages a war of attrition and chaos below dozens of unflinching snipers… Actually that sounds kind of brilliant, but in practice all those unsighted deaths do become a bit wearying. Luckily for those who like their Lucas-approved laser battles of a more intimate nature, DICE have announced Drop Zone mode for Star Wars Battlefront.

Here’s how it works: eight Rebels and eight Empire fight to control drop pods that drop down from the atmosphere. Pods are captured by hanging out in their proximity for a certain time, and the team who captures five pods or holds the most after ten minutes is deemed victorious.

Not that I needed to spell that all out, of course – that new Drop Zone screenshot conveys every nuance of the new mode perfectly.

If there’s a stalemate, with neither Rebels nor Empire able to control a particular pod for any length of time, EA say another pod will plop down from the sky in a different location so teams can duke it out over that one instead to break the deadlock. That suggests that pod drop locations will be randomised on each map rather than set locations like COD’s Harpoints.

As in COD’s control point modes though, sitting still will be suicide if DICE’s comments are anything to go by: “We’re promoting the idea of a fast, action-packed game where you need to be mobile and think on your feet,” says lead level designer Brännvall. “Camping doesn’t really pay off.”

However, if you do stay put for a few moments after capturing a pod, it’ll open to reveal a Power Pickup. While that’s happening though, a new pod is landing elsewhere on the map for anyone to grab. Quite the dilemma.

Each of the game’s maps have been built with this tighter combat style in mind, Brännvall assures. You’ll be able to sample it for yourself in the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront beta, due this October. You’ll also get to try out the 40-player Walker assualt on Hoth, if you like battles a bit bigger.