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Star Wars Battlefront is getting an October beta

Star Wars Battlefront beta

Have you been polishing your lighsaber hilt and oiling up your blaster since EA and DICE announced Star Wars Battlefront? If so, you might just be the sort of person who simply cannot wait until launch to get your hands on the game. 

Don’t fret, because a technical beta is just around the corner. 

In early October, EA’s going to be opening the floodgates, allowing Imps and Rebels to duke it out across three modes, including one that was only announced today: Drop Zone. Details of that mode will drop soon.

We do know a bit about the other two modes, though.

First off, there’s the meaty Walker Assault on Hoth, which EA and DICE has shown off quite a lot. It’s all ice and trenches and AT-ATs stomping around in the snow, which sounds absolutely lovely. It’s a 40-player battle, and as well as being able to jump into the presumably uncomfortable boots of both the plucky Rebels and mean Imps, you’ll get the chance to take both Luke Skywalker and his dear old dad, Darth Vader for a spin.

If you fancy something a bit more intimate, the beta will also feature the Survival Mission on Tatooine, where you a chum will take a lovely hike through the desert, fending off hordes of Imperials. Who wouldn’t want to be on that date?

Less exciting is the “Star Wars Battlefront Companion experience,” a card game and stat tracker that you can slap on your phone. You can earn in-game credits to unlock stuff and “connect” with friends. I haven’t met a game companion app that I haven’t wanted to flush down the toilet, but who knows, it might not be terrible and broken and utterly pointless.

EA will be spilling more beans about the beta soon, presumably including how you can get into it. And now is the time where we should start sacrificing Banthas in the hope that the beta isn’t only available to folk who pre-order the game.

Star Wars Battlefront is due out on November 19th, but EA have said that it will postpone the launch if it’s not ready.