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Star Wars: Battlefront Missions trailer shows rebels surviving incoming Imperial scum

Star Wars Battlefront co-op missions E3 2015

At EA’s E3 press conference we saw some truly stunning action from Star Wars: Battlefront’s 40-player multiplayer. But grand-scale war is not the only thing Battlefront is offering. Missions are a series of single player or co-op modes that bring a little more campaign flavour to the game. EA and DICE showed off a little of what to expect at the Sony press conference. 

The trailer shows some co-op buddies surviving waves of Stormtroopers on the surface of Tatooine. A holographic Admiral Ackbar barks orders in your ear, and explosions plume high as drop pods land and AT-ST’s detonate. Like the multiplayer trailer, it looks exceptionally exciting and the visuals really do pop and fizz.

It seems like Battlefront Missions will offer something similar to Battlefield 3’s co-op mode; a series of unconnected missions that bring some scripted action to the otherwise multiplayer-only game. As much as those 40-player battles are going to be the star of the show, these smaller missions look like a welcome change of scene and pace.