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Star Wars Battlefront’s release date has been leaked, and you can catch 10 seconds of tomorrow’s reveal

Star Wars Battlefront leak

The full Star Wars Battlefront reveal is due tomorrow, but to hell with waiting! You can already awkwardly watch a whole ten seconds of it, and do so knowing that Battlefront’s release date is November 17th, 2015.

To see the Battlefront teaser, you’ll need to watch the Force Awakens teaser. Okay, you can skip to 1:49, but don’t you want to watch the whole thing again. It’s brilliant. I’m giddy. The Battlefront clip is only 10 seconds long, and you’ll have to watch it in that tiny box on the far left. But it’s there! And it’s looking a bit swanky, isn’t it?

I was almost certain that it was CGI, but apparently that’s actual in-game footage according to DICE’s Dennis Brännvall.

A striking screenshot — see the header image — and some lovely art have both been leaked as well (cheers, NeoGaf), so you can keep your hungry eyes occupied until you get to see the full reveal tomorrow.