Star Wars Battlefront’s Walker Assault mode isn’t balanced, DICE acknowledge

Star Wars Battlefront

It looks like our Tim wasn’t the only person who thought that Star Wars Battlefront’s Hoth felt unfair, with the Rebels having a much harder time of things than their adversaries in the Empire. 

The game’s community manager and lead multiplayer designer have both conceded that it’s not balanced, and changes will be made based on feedback. 

Here’s the issue: an apparently significant number of beta testers noticed that they weren’t winning very often in Walker Assault mode, which recreates the spectacular battle of Hoth. The Imps have AT-ATs, AT-STs, while the Rebels have defensive trenches and turrets that are quickly overrun if they’re not paying attention.

It’s consistent with the actual movie battle, but folks like to win.

In response to a player bemoaning his losing streak as a Rebel, community manager Matthew Everett noted the balance issues.

Lead multiplayer designer Dennis Brännvall also chimed in, acknowledging that it’s “too tough” at the moment.

Did you folk find it a bit too much of a slog on the Rebel side? It does feel like more of a challenge, but frankly I love how much that makes it feel like the iconic battle.

Cheers, Gamespot.