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Star Wars Battlefront's Walker Assault mode isn't balanced, DICE acknowledge

Star Wars Battlefront

It looks like our Tim wasn’t the only person who thought that Star Wars Battlefront’s Hoth felt unfair, with the Rebels having a much harder time of things than their adversaries in the Empire. 

The game’s community manager and lead multiplayer designer have both conceded that it’s not balanced, and changes will be made based on feedback. 

Here’s the issue: an apparently significant number of beta testers noticed that they weren’t winning very often in Walker Assault mode, which recreates the spectacular battle of Hoth. The Imps have AT-ATs, AT-STs, while the Rebels have defensive trenches and turrets that are quickly overrun if they’re not paying attention. 

It’s consistent with the actual movie battle, but folks like to win. 

In response to a player bemoaning his losing streak as a Rebel, community manager Matthew Everett noted the balance issues. 

Lead multiplayer designer Dennis Brännvall also chimed in, acknowledging that it’s “too tough” at the moment. 

Did you folk find it a bit too much of a slog on the Rebel side? It does feel like more of a challenge, but frankly I love how much that makes it feel like the iconic battle. 

Cheers, Gamespot

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llubtoille Avatar
2 Years ago

They might find its a tricky one to balance without an overhaul simply because its far less objective focused for the Empire. If both sides have an objective-oblivious approach (which will be most common in beta) then the Empire wins almost by default. However in time it may turn out to favor the Rebels once the majority of the playerbase becomes aware of the objectives and how to properly control them.

Flappers Avatar
2 Years ago

It shouldn't be too difficult...

- Don't allow players (on either team) to go into spawn areas

- Remove the ability for imperials to use the turrets

- Ion Cannons need to be more accessible

And that's it. Balanced without compromising the flow.

Htorne Avatar
2 Years ago

Good ideas.

[GM] SocietyX Avatar
2 Years ago

These are all good ideas, especially the spawn one. One of the biggest issues I had as a Rebel consistently was spawning into instant death. We were being dropped right out into open and just mowed down like the proverbial fish in a barrel. Better spawning behavior alone would do loads!

And yea Imperials overrunning your positions in seconds and then holding them combined with heavy armor makes the positions almost unassaultable by Rebels.

Mctittles Avatar
2 Years ago

Yea I don't think it needs balanced. Sometimes things are a struggle. Course tell that to the people who log off after a 2 to zero in Rocket League :).

ShamefulDeeds Avatar
2 Years ago

I have a feeling they will add something to do with escape ships needing defending for the Rebels... I honestly thought it was fine as is. People just didnt use the cards they were given.