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One month after launch, Star Wars Battlefront is below 100 players

Star Wars Battlefront's remastered collection, a multiplayer FPS like Battlefield and Call of Duty, has fallen below 100 players on Steam.

One month after launch, Star Wars Battlefront is below 100 players: A stormtrooper holding a blaster, from Star Wars Battlefront.

One of this year’s most disappointing launches is undoubtedly the remastered Star Wars Battlefront collection. Though it seemed like a sure thing based on concept alone — updating and bundling together Pandemic Studios’ beloved Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Battlefront 2 from 2004 and 2005 — the collection of Battlefield and Call of Duty style multiplayer shooters has been met with poor reviews due to its price and performance. As a result, the FPS game’s player count is dwindling quickly, now dipping below 100 Steam users.

The Star Wars Battlefront collection has been met with disapproval by players either returning to or trying the classic FPS games for the first time. Only 20% of the 6,666 reviews on its Steam page right now are positive, giving it a ‘Mostly Negative’ rating. Most of the complaints center on its technical problems, which make simply joining and playing a multiplayer match far more difficult than it should be. Others raise the issue of the game’s price, which is $35.01 USD / £29.33 despite the original Battlefront 1 and 2’s age.

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There poor reviews have been accompanied by a large decline in active players on Steam. At the time of writing only 77 players are currently active in game, and Battlefront has only reached a peak of 141 players this week (last Sunday April 21). For a multiplayer game, these numbers, especially just a little over a month since launch, are pretty dismal and point to a worrying future for anyone looking to find matches.

One month after launch, Star Wars Battlefront is below 100 players: A screenshot of Steam player counts for Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection.

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