Star Wars fighting game mod Jedi Fighter turns Jedi Academy into a 2D brawler

Jedi Fighter for Jedi Knight

It takes a particular mind to mod, seeing a game like Jedi Academy and going ‘just move the camera and that’s a 2D fighter!’ Such is the case for skew, creator of Jedi Fighter for the last iteration of the Jedi Knight series. The mod takes the reknown lightsaber fights of that game, removes a dimension and adds Street Fighter-style commands to execute special moves. It even has health bars and a round system, fully functional 1v1 fights and some just-about-working bots to practice against.

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Publically available but only in beta, it has a particular sheen of shoddyness to it where it’s clearly been cobbled together with bits of the engine that were never designed to do this. It works though, and looks pretty great.

The beta 2 version was made available a few days back viaModDB. Skew said he had to record against bots as he couldn’t get anyone online to test it against. He also doesn’t have it working in local multiplayer yet, but it should work great over LANs or direct connection. There’s 10 characters in there from around the expanded universe, and each is “armed with unique force powers and devastating special moves.”

Skew plans to continue to release updates through the rest of this year, with beta 3 in a couple of months and a final release in June. The next version should have better AI, more and more balanced characters and proper matchmaking/server browsing.

Thanks, Kotaku.