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The biggest Star Wars game of 2023 is already half off if you’re quick

Star Wars Jedi Survivor, the stellar soulslike from developer Respawn released less than a year ago, is already half off on Steam.


There are seemingly dozens of new souslike titles released every calendar year, each packed with its slight spin on the subgenre of action role-playing games. However, Star Wars Jedi Survivor has managed to stand out from these hordes of releases with a unique story to tell in the famous sci-fi universe, bolstered by a great development team at Respawn and a fantastic leading man in Cameron Monaghan. Although the game is a sequel, you’d be hard-pressed not to find a dedicated Star Wars fan who isn’t tempted to dive into the game as its latest price drop has it sitting at just $34.99.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor is not just a fantastic take on the soulslike subgenre, and one of the best Star Wars games on PC, but also builds out an impressive corner of the Star Wars world. Our review of the Fallen Order sequel praised the interactions between crew members and its introduction of more cosmetics that were missing in the first game. And, oh yeah: swinging a lightsaber is always a good time.

As part of the Lunar New Year Sale on Steam, Star Wars Jedi Survivor is currently 50% off, priced at $34.99 / £27.77. If you played Fallen Order and have been waiting for the right price to dive into the sequel, now might be the perfect time.

If you don’t own the original, Steam is offering a bundle on the pair of Jedi games that shrinks the price of Fallen Order to just $4.79 / £3.80, making both of them a combined $39.78 / £31.57.

Head to outer space and grab Star Wars Jedi Survivor here before the sale ends on February 20.

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