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Star Wars Outlaws features reputation systems and space combat

We got our first look at Star Wars Outlaws gameplay at Ubisoft Forward 2023, showing off the first open-world game in the sci-fi universe.

Star Wars Outlaws features reputation systems and space combat

Star Wars Outlaws gameplay is here, as Ubisoft shares the first in-game footage of what might be one of the best Star Wars games yet. Set between the events of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, Star Wars Outlaws is looking really, really good.

Taking place in a time of civil unrest, outlaws are thriving, and Kay Vess and Nix are struggling to make ends meet. It’s at this point that Kay becomes one of the most wanted in the galaxy, needing to pull off a heist to get out free.

You can use both Kay’s own blaster pistol and Vix himself in combat and exploration, telling your furry little friend where to go and to interact with specific parts of the world.

There are even multiple types of blaster fire to help eliminate different enemies, and you can pick up other weapons during combat to give you the edge. Your speeder will also give you a quick getaway, but chases can ensue where you slow down time and line up shots to take out enemies.

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Just like in some classic RPG’s like Fallout New Vegas, actions can even have reputational changes for different factions – so beware of consequences.

You can also expect to see space combat, as you’ll be hopping between planets and fighting to stay alive at every turn.

We already have the Star Wars Outlaws reveal trailer from the Xbox and Bethesdas showcase as well, so be sure to give that a watch to get an even better feel for what Ubisoft’s takes on the galaxy far, far away will be like.

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