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Dev confirms Star Wars’ strategy game is still coming, despite rumors

Rumors are swirling about the state of EA's Star Wars games lineup, but apparently the strategy game is still going to be released.

The upcoming Star Wars strategy game announced by EA in January 2022 is still in development, according to developer Bit Reactor. The positive update on the untitled project came after the news a Star Wars FPS game being developed by Respawn had been canceled.

EA had announced three new Star Wars games: the now-canceled FPS, the still-in-development strategy game, and Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Only the latter has been released, so far. And the FPS project, which was rumored to feature a Mandalorian protagonist, was reportedly canceled in late February 2024, during the latest ‘restructuring’ at EA. However, no official statement confirming this has been released.

We likely don’t need one, though, as Bit Reactor inadvertently confirmed the news by commenting on it on social media. The studio also committed to continuing development of their strategy game, which is being aided by Respawn.

Bit Reactor's post on X

On X (formerly known as Twitter), Bit Reactor said on March 2, “Last week was difficult for the industry, and more so because of our strong relationships within the other teams at Respawn. But for those asking, we are still hard at work, and our game was unaffected by last week’s news.”

Curious fans responded to the post to enquire about the game’s status and when they’ll get a first look at it, and Bit Reactor replied, “as soon as it’s ready.”

There has been no additional information on the game since its initial announcement, and when the latest round of EA layoffs were announced, some thought the strategy game might be the next thing to go. But for now, at least, it has survived the cull.

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