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The best Star Wars game is less than $3 right now in huge Steam sale

May the 4th is coming, grab the Star Wars TIE Fighter Special Edition along with other games for far, far less in this galaxy-sized sale.

The best Star Wars game is less than $3 right now in huge Steam sale: A TIE fighter pilot twiddles their controls in extreme closeup.

If you ever became bored with life and wanted to shake things up a bit, one of the best ways to add a little conflict to your life is to ask a bunch of Star Wars fans what the best game is. Then stand back and enjoy the chaos. Thankfully there is a definitive answer, at least to me, and that’s Star Wars: TIE Fighter Special Edition, the true aesthete’s choice in that star war held in a galaxy far, far away.

Released back in 1994, this sequel and spinoff from the earlier X-Wing space game saw you take on the role of a newly recruited starfighter pilot. The difference in Star Wars: TIE Fighter Special Edition is that this time, if you couldn’t tell by the name, you’re working for the baddies. That’s right, it’s time to sign up with Vader and pals and show that dastardly Rebel Alliance what for.

Refining nearly everything that made X-Wing a classic, TIE Fighter introduced an incredibly detailed narrative of hope, duty, ambition, and betrayal. Featuring fan-favorite characters like dad-gone-wrong Darth Vader and big-blue-boy Grand Admiral Thrawn, it wasn’t just a great space dogfighting game, it was simply a great game. Its SVGA graphics are how Star Wars was best represented, it’s a worn universe with things half working, it’s not meant to be shiny and covered in expensive visual effects.

You can pick up Star Wars: TIE Fighter Special Edition with 75% off taking it from $9.99/£8.50 to $2.49/£2.12 until Monday, May 6. 

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Of course there’s plenty of other Star Wars games on sale right now, many of which are equally as classic. You can save on both Knights of the Old Republic games, Star Wars: Shadow of the Empire, Star Wars: Force Unleashed, and all of the original Jedi Knight games along with a deal on the recently-released Dark Forces Remaster. Forgotten FPS Republic Commando also makes an appearance, if you wanted to see why mentioning its name makes people of a certain age get that wistful faraway look in their eyes.

Head over to the Steam sale page to check out the full list of games you can save credits on around this year’s Star Wars Day.

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