Starbound patch 1.1 arrives with fishing, interface improvements and friendly animal murder


Starbound made it out last month after a couple of years in early access. Now development continues, with the first major update, patch 1.1, hitting Steam today. Major improvements include a whole new fishing minigame, some improvements to the UI to make tracking your items easier and the cruelest thing I have ever seen in a videogame.

Here’s what we thought of Starbound during Early Access.

Let’s start with that last, shall we? Look at this. Look at how mean this is:

That’s the new “Relocator” tool which lets you move creatures around. Except it doesn’t even work on enemies, so basically its only purpose is clearing cute, harmless farm animals out of your way and, apparently, into lava. Rude.

That grievous crime against nature asude, here’s what else is coming in:

  • Fishing
    • Two tiers of rod that can be used in oceans of any type – magma, for example.
    • 48 types of fish to pick up.
    • Rare fish have upgrades attached, including ones that improve your fishing.
  • Collections
    • All collectables now have their own interface to track what you’ve received.
  • “Friendly Novakid villages” have been added, with their own brand of furniture/objects.

The patch is now live if you’ve got a desperate need to kill giant fluffy cows. The official announcement also has a full list of the bug fixes and other minor changes present in the build.