Dark’s five year undefeated streak against non-Korean StarCraft players just ended

starcraft 2 wcs 2017 dark elazer

Korean players tend to be a dominant force in many esports, but nowhere is that more true than in StarCraft. South Korea’s Brood War scene helped to define modern esports, and the country’s dominance has continued throughout the lineage of StarCraft 2. But one particularly defining streak from Korea just got shut down.

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That would be the legacy of Park ‘Dark’ Ryung Woo, a Zerg player who had never lost a series against a non-Korean at a live tournament. He’d never even lost an online match against a foreigner since 2012. But that streak came to an end on day 3 of the WCS Global Finals.

In a match against Polish Zerg player Mikolaj ‘Elazer’ Ogonowski, Dark was overrun in the first game. Dark managed a favorable comeback to even the series in the second game, but in the third he lost an early advantage to lose the game and found himself eliminated before reaching the finals.

Shortly after leaving T1 last year, Dark made it to the silver podium at the WCS Global Finals last year as a solo player, but has now failed to claim back-to-back grand finals position. The loss of that top two money might sting a bit more than the end of a particular undefeated streak, honestly.