StarCraft 2 AI researchers to gather and discuss the Skynet they’ve built


About two months ago, StarCraft publishers Blizzard and Google’s AI division DeepMind released a couple of tools to the public, in an effort to crowdsource some of their AI research. They’ve now announced a workshop in Anaheim, California, where dedicated members of the public can come along and exchange ideas on all things AI.

What other strategy games would you like to train to kill us all?

The workshop is happening at the Hilton Anaheim hotel on November 3 and 4. Engineers from Blizzard and DeepMind will be on hand to meet attendees and answer questions about the StarCraft II Learning Environment and the StarCraft II API – the two AI tools released in August.

The hosts are also keen to hear what attendees have learned in that time, promising them the chance to give their own presentations. To establish whether or not prospective attendees have learned anything worthwhile, there’s a questionnaire to fill in – space is limited, and it’s not for casual observers.

If by chance you’re an AI researcher or tinkerer who’s been using the tools and you’d like to attend, the deadline for applications is 23:59 Pacific on October 11. For more details, or to apply, head here.