Get clued-up on the StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void closed beta, launching this month

Legacy of the Void closed beta

Legacy of the Void, the third expansion to StarCraft II, is rapidly approaching the closed beta phase. It’s only a fortnight away, so Blizzard’s revealed exactly what you’ll be able to expect after you get your multiplayer beta invite. 

“To be clear, our goal for this expansion is to work together with all of you to make Legacy of the Void as awesome as possible,” said Blizzard. This is why players are getting their hands on the game much earlier than they normally would.

With that in mind, Blizzard warns that the beta will feel rougher than other Blizzard betas, and some units and features will be missing from the build. On the upside, it will also run for longer than other ones.

It seems more in line with what the developer did with Hearthstone and what they continue to do with Heroes of the Storm. But the difference is that Legacy of the Void is a premium expansions rather than a F2P game.

Legacy of the Void’s beta will kick off on March 31st.