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Legacy of the Void will be celebrated with a short animated film named Reclamation

StarCraft II Legacy of the Void closed beta

Blizzard’s breathtaking Legacy of the Void intro seems predestined to be remembered as one of the great opening cinematics –  just as the Protoss are predestined to retake their homeworld. The three minute scrap with encroaching zerg managed not to misrepresent the mechanics of its parent RTS, and acted as the perfect power showcase to validate every Protoss player’s choice.

It’ll be followed by an equally dramatic animation named Reclamation – in reference, presumably, to the planet the Protoss plan to cleanse in the course of Legacy of the Void’s campaign. You can watch a snippet of that below.

It looks nice: stylised in a way that honours the chunky Blizzard Aesthetic, as the studio themselves call it, but allows for a few creative leaps.

Our Ben was in the room at the WCS Season 3 finals in Poland this weekend when the teaser was shown – approximately 15 minutes after it was announced as a successor to Warlords of Draenor’s Lords of War series.

“The reaction was great and it looked lovely on the big screen. If it’s as good as the Lords of War stuff and manages to bridge the Swarm to Void gap effectively, I’m quite looking forward to it. The storyboarding, voice acting and scene setting of Blizzard cinematics are half their strength and this will have all of that.”

Blizzard have plans to support Legacy of the Void as heavily as they do their more contemporary games after release – and you can read more about that in Ben’s upcoming interview with lead producer Chris Sigaty and designer Jason Huck.

The campaign is designed to be Protoss fantasy, just as Heart of the Swarm sold the Zerg before it. Does that sound like something you’d be into?