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StarCraft 2’s new video teaches us about the Protoss, in preparation for Legacy of the Void


There’s a new StarCraft 2 trailer and some really deep space stuff happens in it. There’s this guy, you see. Well, he’s not really a guy, he’s an alien guy. Anyway, he wants to be alone, but his warriors are worried about him and want to know what he’s up to.

He’s just chilling, suspended in mid air near the edge of a cliff and this other fool comes up to bother him. Even though he wanted to be alone, he decides to land and explain the history of his own people to him. Classic case of aliensplaining. Here’s the video:

This alien race is called the Protoss and they are looking to reclaim their home planet,Aiur. They were once like us humans, fighting among themselves and warring over resources, but some mystic dude turned up with a glowing sphere with a weird name, and it bound the whole race together.

Every emotion and every thought from that point on was shared and they thrived as a rac… Hold on – then why are they even having this conversation and how did the warriors not know where Floaty McPredator dude was? Screw it – watch this cartoon instead:

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