Be a better Zerg with Shaun “Apollo” Clark’s new StarCraft 2 tutorial series


It’s a quiet weekend for StarCraft, but that’s what makes the release of Shaun “Apollo” Clark’s new tutorial series for Zerg players so perfectly timed. Today’s video, the first part of a four-part series, focuses on fundamental skills and mechanics.

Clark is a StarCraft pro with Team Dignitas, and is best known as a caster and coach. His page on Team Dignitas quotes his professional coaching rate as £30 per hour, making this the most valuable Youtube video since Maru first climbed into a box.

For this first video, Clark is starting out in Bronze with a learner account, and he talks us through everything from hotkey setup to proper build orders and managing expansions. His pedagocial objectives are occasionally impeded by the rate at which his Bronze and Silver league opponents implode, and experienced SC2 players might not find a lot to interest them here.

Still, hopeless incompetents and Zerg novices like me may find this worth reviewing a couple times to understand the basics of playing Zerg. Later videos, however, should speak more to higher-level players and get into the business of beating a strong opponent instead of mastering fundamental play.