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GSL Code S StarCraft 2 finals tomorrow, Mvp vies for fifth GSL championship title against newcomer Life


The final best of seven for the Global StarCraft League’s Code S championship begins tomorrow morning at 7 AM UK / 2 AM Eastern. The most successful player in GSL and StarCraft 2 history, Jung “Mvp” Jong Hyun (Terran), squares off against young Lee “Life” Syung Hyun, a 15 year-old Zerg prodigy who is just four victories away from winning the GSL title on his first appearance.

The event will be broadcast on GOMTV’s website, although stream access requires a paid pass.

Win or lose, Life’s inaugural appearance in GSL establishes him as a force to be reckoned with. He casually picked apart a couple of the world’s best Terrans, MarineKing and TaeJa, using some of the most aggressive tactics of any Zerg player. He is fierce and fearless, and at every turn he has thrown his Terran opponents off their game with fast timing and unrelenting harassment.

Still, Mvp is a four-time GSL champion and the most successful Terran in the world, and he’s had ten days to prepare for this matchup. Life caught MarineKing off-guard, and TaeJa sabotaged himself with some critical errors, but neither is likely to happen with Mvp tonight. It will be fascinating to see how Mvp handles Life’s aggression, when so many great Terrans have completely folded under the same pressure.