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IPL5: See Starcraft 2 streamed live on Twitch

StarCraft II

Play has long since concluded for the night over in Vegas, but Twitch are rebroadcasting the entire first day of what our Rob called a stacked Starcraft 2 tournament. Stacked high with talented players and a ludicrous number of games, he means.

Watch here, and do your utmost to ignore the vegetative excuse for dubstep that plays in place of the break music.

Both DreamHack champ Her0 and MLG master Leenock (7pm, v CranK / The StC) are present and correct for the event, which starts up again at 6pm GMT and carries straight on through til 11.
See our IPL5 Starcraft 2 preview for more on what to expect, and be sure to return for match analysis galore from our Rob, who's in Vegas right now.

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