MLG Fall Championship begins this Friday in Dallas, drawing top StarCraft 2 and League of Legends pros


MLG’s Fall Championship comes to Dallas this weekend, with a $76,000 StarCraft 2 prize pool and $30,000 in prizes for its eight-team League of Legends invitational. Spectator passes for event (at the Dallas Convention Center) are $35, while online ad-free HD viewing passes go for $15.

Some of the world’s top League of Legends teams and StarCraft 2 players are attending, with a League of Legends tournament that promises some rematches from the Season 2 playoffs and a StarCraft tournament packed with GSL Code S regulars, as well as European and North American champions. The presentation should be strong as well, with great casters like Sean “Day[9]” Plott, Shaun “Apollo” Clark, Marcus “djWheat” Graham, and John “TotalBiscuit” Bain calling StarCraft matches while Leigh “Deman” Smith, Joshua “Jatt” Leesman, and David “Phreak” Turley casting the League of Legends games.

Streaming begins on Friday evening at 10 PM GMT / 6 PM Eastern, and the first games kick off thirty minutes later. As is tradition, MLG has slated some big games to start the event. The two StarCraft streams will show Manuel “Grubby” Schenkhuizen (Dutch Protoss) take on Lee “Flash” Young Ho (Korean Terran), and American champ Dan “ViBE” Scherlong (Zerg) battling Kang “San” Cho Won (Korean Protoss), and League of Legends fans will see NaJin Sword against CLG North America.

The first-prize winner in StarCraft will receive $25,000, while the victorious League of Legends squad gets $16,000. The StarCraft 2 final is scheduled for 9 PM GMT / 5 PM Eastern, and the League of Legends final should happen at 6:30 PM GMT / 2:30 Eastern.

With such a strong competition field, the Fall Championship should be a good event, and MLG’s championship production values are usually very strong. We’ll be covering the tournament in detail throughout the weekend, with daily recaps of both the League of Legends and StarCraft 2 action.