StarCraft 2 dropped from MLG Columbus tournament


Major League Gaming have announced that StarCraft 2 will not be included in the company’s upcoming tournament being held in Columbus, Ohio. Instead, the tournament will turn its focus to other popular eSports games like League of Legends. 

Major League Gaming’s CEO Sundance DiGiovanni announced the move on Twitter, saying: “Just so folks know – we are currently not planning to run SC2 at Cbus. Should that change we’ll let you know via official channels.”

StarCraft 2 has been experiencing a decline in MLG activity this year, so this revelation may be something you had seen coming. The last MLG tournament June in Anaheim reduced the StarCraft prize fund from the previous March event’s $75,000 down to $25,000. The knock-on effect was that significantly fewer top-tier players attended, resulting in a less prolific event.

This news comes just over a month after Blizzard and MLG parted ways from working together on the World Championship Series.

Thanks, Penny Arcade.