StarCraft 2 mutalisks strafe Day9 in Paris


Well, this isn’t your average attempt at viral marketing, Blizzard have released a short video of a Sean “Day9” Plott taking a short walk outside the Palace of Versailles only to be accosted by a cloud of mean-looking mutalisks. Unfortunately, we don’t learn of his fate. It may be that at this very moment Plott is being munched on by a space lizard-y-thing.

See the terror below.

It could well be that this is the beginning of a whole series of videos depicting famous StarCraft community members being unceremoniously attacked by Zerg creatures. Or it may be that it is just Plott who receives the honour(?) of being attacked for marketing purposes.

I can’t say that it’s single-handedly convinced me to pay up for a copy of Heart of the Swarm but it is more fun than your average po-faced game advert.

I still think my favourite community tie-in ad is the video put out by Epic Meal Time to advertise XCOM.