StarCraft 2 Project Blackstone website opens up a little


Blizzard’s Project Blackstone website still hasn’t given up the goods on what exactly it is meant to be teasing, other than it being something to do with StarCraft 2 and probably a Terran-focused thing, but it has expanded a little, adding some new emails to read through and other lore documents. The site can also now be accessed without a password.

Further details below.

When the site went live in the first week of February, our own Nick Wilson was able to crack the encryption to reveal a chat log between Dr Helen Branamoor and Talen Ayers, two Terran scientists specialising in researching the Zerg who have been press-ganged into Project Blackstone. The site is now open to explore without entering a password.

Also, whereas before the site only had a welcome email from Branamoor and Ayer’s response, there is now a chat log between Ayers and Dr. Talise Cogan. We learn from their correspondencethat among the xenobiologists there is now also a new staff member, anarchaeologist, which suggests their Zerg research may be looking into something a little more ancient than the new units coming inHeart of the Swarm.

We’ll be keeping tabs on the site for further updates.