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WCS Season 3 schedule revealed from now until Blizzcon 2013 finals

StarCraft II, and its widow mines.

Waiting for the rest of StarCraft’s current competitive season to be dated hasn’t been as nerve-wracking as it might have been, because we’ve known precisely when the Global finals are: BlizzCon 2013, November 8. On November 8, there will be no coronations, no happening parties, no double-bookings with other highly-anticipated eSports events of any kind. We hope.

And thanks to a just-released comprehensive schedule, you can now write off a series of very late nights in the interim.

You can find the major dates below, but you’ll need to check Blizzard’s comprehensive schedule to fill in the gaps:

  • September 14-15 – DreamHack Open: Bucharest
  • October 5-6 – WCS Europe League Finals
  • October 10-13 – IEM New York
  • October 19 – WCS Korea League Finals
  • October 19-20 – WCS America League Finals
  • October 25-27 – WCS Season 3 Finals
  • November 8-9 – WCS Global Finals

The number of WCS points up for grabs at each event will escalate fairly steadily throughout the next two months: DreamHack and IEM’s Tier 1 conflicts boast 3,600 points each, the three regional finals offer 10,000, and the eventual Global shindig a whopping 17,000.

“The point differences are still slim enough on our Standings page that the race to BlizzCon remains wide open,” write Blizzard.

Who are you rooting for at this relatively early stage of the competition? Do you root?