Haunted Chocolatier game from Stardew Valley dev sure looks delicious

The new Haunted Chocolatier game from Stardew Valley's ConcernedApe is looking better than ever in the life game's newest screenshot

Haunted Chocolatier game: An old man swings a sword in a dense snowy forest

Stardew Valley developer Eric Barone (ConcernedApe) shared a new screenshot from their Haunted Chocolatier game on Twitter and answered a few questions about how development is progressing for the much-anticipated life game. The screenshot itself is a bit mysterious and raises more questions than it answers. It shows the inside of a building, with what looks suspiciously like chocolate used for some of the trimwork. Edible balconies? Yes please.


Even if you can’t consume your place of business from the inside out, there’s quite a few interesting features to note. As one commenter pointed out, Barone’s sprite work looks better developed than we see in Stardew Valley. You can see the light reflecting on the character’s hair in patches and the suggestion of folds and wrinkles in their clothes, which is a subtle, yet significant step up from Stardew’s presentation, which relies on the detailed pixel work in character portraits.

Haunted Chocolatier game: A shop owner stands in a dimly lit room with chocolate trim

Then there’s the building itself, which we’re just assuming is the Chocolatier, though Barone offered no hint of where it actually was. Barone said previously that Haunted Chocolatier is the moon to Stardew Valley’s sun, a quieter and more introspective experience, and it’s easy to believe from looking at the new shot.

The new location is steeped in winter coziness, with its soft torch light and hint of melancholy, and it’s a far cry from the more vibrant homes and settings in the valley.

Elsewhere in the thread, Barone answered a couple of questions about the game’s development. He said progress is “pretty good” so far, though he’s still “in the middle of a long grind.” Most of Haunted Chocolatier’s assets are brand-new, and he anticipates the price being about the same as Stardew Valley.

That’s naturally subject to change between now and Haunted Chocolatier’s release date, whenever that may be.

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