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This Stardew Valley mod offers perks depending on who you marry

The Perks of being Married mod adds some cool perks that vary depending on which NPC you marry

Stardew Valley offers some cool perks depending on what you choose to do with your time in game – be it bonuses from your profession(s) of choice, bundle rewards from Junimos, or even just some profit from hard work tending to your farm’s every needs. Now, you’ll be able to pick yourself up some new perks – just for getting married.

The Perks of being Married mod by creator Trent XV on Nexus Mods adds a fun and useful new feature to the farming RPG – you can earn perks for getting married, which vary depending on who you enter into matrimonial bliss with in the game. The list of perks the mod offers is meaty, and it looks like you’ll have to choose carefully who you try to woo – each character will offer something pretty special and distinct of their own.

Highlights include the sporty Alex – marry him and “food buffs will be twice as stronger and last twice as much”. Or competent clothier Emily, who will make gems and minerals 50% more valuable. If not them, perhaps consider the town doctor Harvey – he has a raft of great perks: “cooked dishes heal and regenerate 50% more stamina, life elixir no longer requires purple mushroom” and he adds new crafting recipes “Energy Tonic” and “Muscle Remedy”.

If none of the original 12 NPCs you can marry suit your fancy, the creator has also added six new ones, each with their own unique perks and personalities.

On top of the perks, you’ll get one triggering event for each NPC you bespouse, complete with context. Judging by the images TrentXV has added to the page, the mod will include sweet scripted exchanges with your new beloved’s grandmother and other family members, who it seems will often pass helpful items and goodies onto you.

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Excited to make your Stardew Valley matrimony just that bit sweeter? Head over to the mod’s page to add some romantic remuneration to your game. Just be aware that the mod is in beta testing so you might need to keep an eye out for any bugs.