This Stardew Valley mod adds a new level of diversity to Pelican Town

It also introduces seasonal outfits reflecting characters' heritage

There are a lot of really great Stardew Valley mods out there that can add extra layers of vibrancy and realism to your in-game world. Now, a new Stardew Valley mod will help you add an exciting new level of diversity to Pelican Town.

The Diverse Stardew Valley with Seasonal Villager Outfits (DSVO) mod, the product of multiple creators and the Diverse Stardew Valley community project hosted on Nexus Mods, “edits the villagers of Pelican Town to add ethnic, cultural, gender identity and body type diversity”. The pictures included on the page show that the scope of this editing is pretty impressive, and the results are wonderful. Residents can now reflect a greater range of representations, adding an extra sense of inclusivity, variation, and character personalisation to the little town.

The mod achieves this in multiple ways, including different clothing styles and other character model edits to reflect people’s different backgrounds and beliefs. It also includes a full set of seasonal outfits so each character should be fully represented in a way harmonious to their ethnicity, culture, gender identity, and body type come rain or shine.

Some of the page’s images also announce that festival outfits are coming soon, giving an exciting hint at what’s to come – including flower adornments for some characters’ hair.

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If you’re keen to add some extra diversity to your Stardew Valley you can head over to Nexus Mods to grab the DSVO mod now. Just be sure to follow the uploaders’ guidance about how to get it loaded into your game and running correctly, as there are a few steps you’ll need to take and an incompatibility point just to be aware of. Happy (farm) simming!