This Stardew Valley mod gives the Dwarf some friends

A new Stardew Valley mod adds a town for the Dwarf - and for you, since it comes fully equipped with more mines, friends, and crops

It’s lonely being the valley’s only magical dwarf, and one modder decided to fix that with the Stardew Valley mod Durin’s Rest. It’s a whole new village in the life game, with new residents, marriage candidates (eventually), mining resources, and, despite ostensibly being named after one of J.R.R. Tolkien’s famous dwarves, Durin’s Rest is even home to a pointy-eared resident.

“Ever wondered where the other dwarves are?” creator NoFogBob said when describing the mod. “Wonder no longer! Now you can explore a whole new town with new dwarves, a new shadow person, and even an elf!”

In its launch form, Durin’s Rest works with Stardew Valley Expanded and includes seven new NPCs, a fresh farmhouse to customize as you see fit, new fish, crops, and trees, more than 20 quests, and an impressive 71 new recipes to cook. No more excuses for eating scrambled eggs at every meal now.

Later, NoFogBob plans on adding new marriageable NPCs and, to satisfy even the most ambitious of dwarves, an even deeper mine, though what we’ll find inside is still something of a mystery. NoFogBob didn’t mention what the new, deeper mine contains.

There are a few small caveats to keep in mind if you want to head on down to Durin’s Town (Rest). It’s not compatible with Dwarven Brewing, since Durin’s Rest has its own variation of the feature, and not all quests work smoothly with Stardew Valley’s multiplayer. It also won’t work with the Deluxe Journal and Personal Effects Redux mods.

The Stardew Valley mod scene just keeps growing more vibrant. Outside larger, concerted efforts such as Solid Foundations, you’ve got individual projects like this one and the recent mod that lets Susan get married. There’s no shortage of fun ones among the best Stardew Valley mods either, including one that lets your neighbors come to visit when they feel sociable.