New Stardew Valley mod finally lets this NPC get married

Expanded introduced us to Susan, a capable fellow farmer, and this new Stardew Valley mod finally lets you take your relationship to the next level

A new Stardew Valley mod finally lets you marry Susan, thanks to Bxrribub. And if your first reaction to that is “who the heck is Susan,” you probably haven’t played Stardew Valley Expanded, the massive mod project that’s less a traditional mod and more like Stardew Valley 2.0, in place of an actual 2.0 update for the life sim. SV Expanded introduced Susan in its version 1.6, giving her a home at Emerald Farm and making her a sort of farmer-in-arms to the player, albeit a platonic one.

She enjoys movies, popcorn, pancakes, and blueberry tarts, but is less than fond of Joja Mart items. That revulsion is pretty understandable, since the corporation’s negligence caused a landslide near her farm that kept her trapped inside for days.

Stardew Valley Expanded already gave Susan several heart events, and the mod leaves these unchanged. What it adds is the option to date and marry Susan, obviously, along with a set of marriage dialogue, marriage animations, kissing, and Flower Dance animations.

In addition to having Stardew Valley Expanded installed, you need to replace a few of the original Susan files with their modified version of them. It’s still under construction, though, so a few features – marriage schedule, for example – aren’t quite there yet, but the creator invited anyone who could get them to work to expand on it if they want to.

Stardew Valley Expanded was already impressive enough, but the number of additional mods it’s helped encourage and how they’ve transformed the game is genuinely impressive – and it’s not alone. Solid Foundations is a more recent effort that, rather than adding new macro features such as characters and crops, streamlines what’s already there and gives you greater control over how your farm grows.

Or you can just get some ice cream and invite folks over to hang out, because that’s cool too.

Whatever your preference, expect to see even more creations in the near future, as Stardew Valley 1.6 aims to make the mod environment easier.