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Stardew Valley mod replaces cosy RPG’s critters with Pokemon

A Pokemon Stardew Valley mod transforms the life game's creatures and plants into pocket monsters, and it even adds shops inspired by Game Freak's RPG

Stardew Valley mod: Screenshot of Stardew valley with added Pokemon sprites

A new Stardew Valley mod transforms the game’s creatures into Pokemon, and even turns plants into pocket monster pals. The project adds various textures to the country-life RPG, effectively converting it into a super relaxing version of Game Freak’s longstanding critter catching extravaganza.

Created by TheKrominator, the Stardew Valley mod gives the life game’s textures and sprites a lick of Pokemon paint. Dubbed ‘Pokemania: The Return’, the modder reveals that this is actually a reimagining of a previous project, with the latest version adding over 50 Pokedex entries into the mix, including shiny variants.

Pokemarts and Pokecenters also make an appearance within the Stardew Valley mod, which effectively transforms the setting into a Kanto inspired backdrop. There’s even an added element of mischief and shenanigans, as there’s a chance you’ll run into Team Rocket on your adventure.

Pokemania: The Return already looks to be a great Pokemon tribute, but TheKrominator says they’ve got a shortlist of planned updates. Not only does the Stardew valley modder plan to add more creature spites, but they’re also planning to add Pokemon music and sound effects.

If you fancy trying out this Stardew Valley Pokemon mod mashup, head over to the project’s Nexus Mods page. You can seemingly add the fan creation to the game with three easy steps, so you won’t have to pull any technical tricks to add some Pokepals to your tranquil simulation.

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