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This Stardew Valley mod lets you add seasonal Japanese buildings to your farm

This Stardew Valley mod lets you add Japanese-inspired buildings to your farm that change with the seasons

Live the (virtual) kawaii life you always dreamed of with the new Seasonal Japanese Buildings mod for Stardew Valley. Packed with traditional minka style dwellings and decorative town features that replace the vanilla version’s, the mod is just the thing to put some cute into your condos.

The new mod, by sonreirblah, builds on its earlier version to replace the game’s standard rural-western farmhouses with fully-animated, seasonal buildings inspired by traditional Japanese architecture. Replete with the shōji doors, paper lanterns, and ornate wooden roofs that the style is so famous for, the buildings will transform your whole town into a Japan-esque village in a flash.

Each building has four different ‘looks’ to reflect the games changing seasons, keeping the characteristically quaint aesthetics of the game just as they should be. Winter means snow-capped rooves, Spring scatters cherry blossoms about, Summer means party time with paper lanterns adorning your dwellings, and Autumn brings the crunchy fall leaves.

Extra goodies in the mod include a fully-animated Japanese water well, which seems to replicate a Japanese bamboo sōzu, bonsai trees, and a tea house (shed replacement).

Credit: sonreirblah/Nexus Mods

There are even some maneki-neko ‘lucky cat’ replacements for the Endless Fortune and Perfection statues. Purrfect.

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The creator suggests that interior furniture, NPC clothing, and a new farm map might be in the works to make your Japanese Valley home complete. Doki Doki Shiteru!