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Starfield’s upcoming update will fix one of the game’s biggest issues

Never get lost again with the next patch for Starfield, one feature that's been overwhelmingly criticized is getting an overhaul soon.

Is that Legrande’s Liquors? No, it’s The Emporium. Wait, why is the Mining League there? What end of Neon am I even at? Finding your way around Starfield can be a complicated task, especially given the game’s spread-out cities, but all that might be about to change. The next patch for the game, currently live on the beta testing track on Steam, will introduce brand new surface maps, hopefully meaning we’ll never get lost again.

There are some issues that may seem small in a game but in practice can grow to colossal size, the slow wheel of irritation grinding against you repeatedly. Getting lost in Starfield due to issues with the game’s maps is one such issue, with an overhaul being consistently one of the most-requested changes for fans of the space RPG. Now, that revamp is nearly here, with updated surface maps coming to the game in the next patch.

New and updated markers alongside more detailed maps are incoming for the game and do look to be a considerable step up from what’s been available in Starfield previously. Bethesda Game Studios is referring to this as the “largest update since launch”, with changes to not only how you find your way through the game, but also new gameplay options being implemented too.

A preview of the new style of map coming to Starfield, showing New Atlantis littered with new markers.

These allow you to tweak the game to your liking, such as altering the survival features of Starfield to increasing how much you can carry and how many credits vendors have on hand to buy your massive piles of loot. There’s also a new extreme difficulty setting which promises to be a true test of your abilities.

That’s not all, there’ll be some new ship interior customization tools which will finally mean getting away from default layouts. With a system similar to that used in outposts, it looks like my home away from home will finally be mine and not merely following a design laid out by someone else. Also coming up are various quality of life improvements and the ability to respec once you enter the unity, as well as a fair few more updates, changes, and bug fixes.

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This announcement of the next update also comes alongside the May update video for the game, which teases a couple of important things. First of which are rovers, which will mean we’ll be able to scoot about on planetary adventures with much more ease. In addition, the studio confirms that the new Creation Kit is in beta and has been sent out for testing and feedback to some modders, with more news coming soon.

If you’d like to read the full update news you can do so over on the Steam hub. This patch is currently available on the beta branch but the full Starfield update will hit the main game on Wednesday, May 15.

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