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Bethesda reveals Starfield with achingly short trailer


Bethesda has announced Starfield, their first original single-player franchise in 25 years (clearly they are referring to Bethesda Game Studios, or else they’d probably count Dishonored). 

There was a very, very brief announce trailer, in which a camera simply panned across from a planet to an artificial satellite of some kind, perhaps a space station. The planet is not obviously Earth – indeed it looks rusty enough to be Mars. The trailer concludes with a somewhat ominous ripple of coloured light which warps the space station – perhaps some kind of wormhole, spatial rift, or other anomaly.

According to the trailer description, Starfield is a “new space epic,” while studio director Todd Howard says the company has “spent years thinking about” it.

We know almost nothing about Starfield, but here’s a list of exciting upcoming PC games where we can tell you a little more.


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