Stay frosty: Arkham Origins’ Cold, Cold Heart footage shows off fancy weapons and a very hot suit

Batman: Arkham Origins DLC

Although Batman: Arkham Knight is on its way, this doesn’t mean that we’re finished with Arkham Origins quite yet. Cold, Cold Heart is a DLC campaign where Batman tangos with Mr. Freeze after dealing with his nasty assassin problem. 

It’s separate from the main campaign and throws in some new anti-freeze gadgets and the intimidating XE suit, the Dark Knight’s special extreme conditions costume. DC All Access has put up a clip of creative director Eric Holmes and game director Benoit Richer discussing Batman’s next outing, accompanied by five minutes of in-game footage. Direct your peepers below. 

The reasoning behind not putting Mr. Freeze in the main campaign, because he’s not really an assassin and he deserved his own story, highlights one of the most glaring problems in Origins: a lack of compelling threats. Assassins aren’t nearly as interesting as mad scientists with ridiculous, over-the-top plans.

Minions with cryogenic weapons and more villains that chew up scenery, that’s what it needed more of. And will soon have.

Cold, Cold Heart is due out on April 22nd.

Cheers, Shacknews.