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You can now block Steam curators you don’t like

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As well as its new compact Wishlist, Steam’s latest UI updates include a change to the way its curator system works. If you find you don’t like the recommendations of a particular curator, you can now simply ignore them.

Here are five things we’d like Valve to fix in 2018.

As documented by this imgur post (for the record, we have nothing against Kotaku), Steam’s suggested curators tab now comes with an option in the top-right corner allowing you to “ignore this curator.” Click the option, and you’ll be informed that Steam “won’t include this curator in future recommendations,” as well as an option to undo the choice if you need it.

For the uninitiated, Steam’s curator pages allow you to see a pre-selected list of games that the curator deems worth a look at. How good the curation is sort of depends on who you’re following – my current recommendations include two parody accounts (Commander Shepherd and Critiquing Doge, since you asked) so I’m yet to be totally convinced by the system. You’ll still be able to see the curator’s choices if you visit their curator page, but they won’t automatically show up.