Jsaux wants your help to give the Steam Deck a Game Boy Color makeover

Upcoming Steam Deck backplates from Jsaux will resurrect the look of a classic Nintendo handheld, and your vote could decide which colours make the cut.

The Jsaux Steam Deck backplate in a purple colourway, against a turquoise background

Using the Steam Deck reminds me of those heady days of the Game Boy Color or Sega Game Gear, only Valve’s equivalent is both more powerful and versatile, not to mention larger. If using the handheld gaming PC brings back similar fond memories for you, then upcoming backplates from Jsaux could be just what you’re after.

There are plenty of accessories out there that help spruce up the Valve handheld, be it a sturdy carry case, a custom vinyl cover, or the best Steam Deck dock for gaming on your monitor. But when it comes to unofficial add-ons, Jsaux is known for high-quality offerings.

Now, you have the chance to personally play a part in the development of the manufacturer’s next set of accessories. Over on Twitter, Jsaux are asking you to choose between a selection of colours for its upcoming transparent backplates.

The two top choices set to be released in April and your options include purple, blue, orange, and green, all of which – thanks to the semi-transparent material – really give the Steam Deck a Game Boy Color vibe.

In its current form, the Deck is a rather basic affair as far as aesthetics go. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with the black colour of the Valve gaming PC, but I would prefer a bit of pizazz with my device. Hopefully the Steam Deck 2 will arrive in more than one colourway, or Valve will offer an official transparent cover, but it’s impossible to say at this stage. Come on, Gabe, I’d love a purple one!