Expand your Steam Deck storage with this SanDisk 512GB microSD card

The SanDisk Extreme 512GB is one of the fastest microSD cards on the market, making it the ideal storage pairing for your Steam Deck

A Steam Deck showing a SanDisk microSD card on its screen, against a pink-purple two-tone background

Steam Deck storage expansion is easily accomplished through the use of its microSD card slot. It’s the best option to create more space for your games on the portable PC, since Valve explicitly discourages swapping out the internal SSD. Thankfully, they can be had for a fraction of the price of their PCIe NVMe counterparts, with the SanDisk Extreme 512GB being a prime example.

The SanDisk Extreme is our pick for the best Steam Deck SD Card on the market right now, thanks to its fantastic price to performance ratio. While the 512GB model’s 130MB/s read speed may not seem impressive on the surface, you’ll be hard-pressed to notice much of a difference in load times between it and the internal storage.

So, with Steam Deck reservations no longer being a thing, now’s a great time to bag yourself some more storage for your new handheld gaming PC. The SanDisk Extreme 512GB can be had for just $72.99, down from $129.99 for a 44% saving.

If you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you’ll be able to get the SanDisk Extreme 512GB microSD card on your doorstep even sooner with next-day delivery. New subscribers can also get a 30-day free trial, meaning you could grab the service without paying a penny. Don’t wait around, though, as this deal won’t last forever.