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Valve offers a second chance if you miss your Steam Deck order

You'll have "a few days" to get in contact with Valve support after missing the window for your Steam Deck order if you fancy going ahead with you PC purchase

Someone playing Hollow Knight on the Steam Deck

Waiting for your Steam Deck order to arrive at your doorstep is something of a struggle, but missing your email from Valve entirely is simply heartbreaking. Thankfully, it appears that all is not lost if you’ve recently found yourself in this position, as the company is offering something of a second chance to get your hands on its handheld gaming PC.

If you miss the window for your Steam Deck order, you can now make use of a grace period of “a few days” to fulfil your purchase, should you still want to get your hands on the portable powerhouse. Valve confirmed this via its official Twitter account, advising any affected users to get in contact with Steam support.

Considering the ungodly length of the Steam Deck order backlog, it’s great to see Valve introducing a system that should help those who may not even realise their reservation is up for fulfilment. We just hope that we’re not waiting quite as long for our official Steam Deck dock to arrive following its recent delay.

In the meantime, however, the best Steam Deck docks from third party manufacturers will do just fine in transforming Valve’s portable PC into a desktop system of sorts.