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Is Persona 3 Reload Steam Deck compatible?

Persona 3 Reload is the latest game in the Persona series to receive the highest seal of approval on the Steam Deck from Valve, joining the ranks of P5 Royal.

An image of the MC (main character) from Persona 3 Reload, looking towards the left, with a blue background, on the screen of a Steam Deck.

Is Persona 3 Reload Steam Deck compatible? You won’t need to unlock a hidden power within to play Persona 3 Reload on the Steam Deck, as the newest addition to the Persona series has received the highest appraisal from Valve. Experiencing the updated graphics and signature style of this beloved Atlus RPG will be perfect to play on the go, if the previous games in the series are anything to go by.

The Persona 3 Reload system requirements ask for 30GB of install space, and although this isn’t as demanding as other PC games available today, it can still take up a hefty chunk of your handheld’s storage. Check out the best microSD cards for Steam Deck, to get more of that precious storage space, especially if you’re sporting that 64GB model of the PC gaming handheld.

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Is Persona 3 Reload Steam Deck compatible?

Yes, Persona 3 Reload is playable on the Steam Deck, and has been given the top commendation from Valve.

Steam has given the remake of the highly revered RPG the highest commendation possible on the Steam Deck, a ‘verified’ status. This acclamation means the RPG should run without a hitch on the Valve handheld, including, but not limited to, all functionality being accessible when using the default controller configuration, the game showing Steam Deck controller icons, the in-game text being legible and the default graphical settings performing as intended.

Persona 5 Royal, an updated version of one of the most notable games in the Persona series, has earned its spot on our list of the best Steam Deck games, which bodes well for Persona 3 Reload. Even a previous version of the game itself, Persona 3 Portable, which originally released on the Sony PSP, had a remaster released on Steam earlier in the year, which has also received the ‘verified’ seal of approval.

Although the Persona games are known for being visual spectacles, being some of the most stylish RPGs available today, your Steam Deck shouldn’t struggle with running Persona 3 Reload when it launches on February 2, 2024.

The Persona 3 Reload release date is still months away, giving you plenty of time to pick up one of the best JRPGs on PC and give it your undivided attention. If you want to spend your time leading up to Persona 3 Reloads’ release, giving your favorite PC handheld a makeover instead, the best Steam Deck skins are full of decals to fit every style and persuasion.