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Valve just made the Steam Deck so much better with this update

New quick Settings menu for the Steam Deck makes it much easier to access the features that matter to you and which best balance performance.

Steam Deck update quick settings

Valve has just released a new beta update for the Steam Deck that includes a handful of bug fixes and one seemingly low-key but actually quite profound change to the gaming handheld. A newly-designed Quick Settings menu adds descriptions for each of the settings that make it easier for users to understand what they’re changing and so how best they can fine-tune the balance of image quality, performance, and battery life for their gaming handheld.

The Steam Deck Beta Client Update: January 18th also includes a new version of its Chromium browser, fixes issues with SD cards being used as default storage locations, and several other minor tweaks to the best gaming handheld you can currently buy.

The most notable tweak, though, is the new Quick Settings menu. While the settings themselves haven’t changed, it’s the fact that Valve now includes “descriptions for each setting, including how they affect the system and the expected power/performance/visual quality tradeoffs” that is so useful. We’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve encountered a mysterious setting in a gaming monitor menu, motherboard BIOS, or PC game and been left none the wiser about how the settings will affect our experience on any front.

With the new Quick Settings menu, though, you can tap the More Info button to get a comprehensive breakdown of each setting explaining what the setting does and how it can affect image quality or performance.

Steam Deck update quick settings TDp limit

Some technical knowledge may still be required to fully understand each setting but by and large the setting is explained in basic terms, focusing on how it will ultimately affect your use of the device. Meanwhile, if you’re still unsure, at least users are given a starting point with which to go off and learn more if needs be.

Steam Deck update quick settings TDp limit

The full list of Steam Deck Beta Client Update: January 18th features are:


  • Updated embedded Chromium build in Steam to 109.0.5414.120
    Updated the quick access performance menu with descriptions for each setting, including how they affect the system and the expected power/performance/visual quality tradeoffs.
  • Fixed a case where the sdcard was set as the default install location on reboot.
  • Fixed a case where the network status icon would fail to render for virtual networks.
  • Fixed store button on main menu remaining disabled in Family View even if store permissions were granted to the account.

Steam Input

  • Fixed occasionally creating an extra virtual controller that is non-responsive

You can download the new Steam Deck update by opting into the beta update channel and downloading the latest version.

Have you ever been confused by the settings on your Steam Deck, or any of your other devices for that matter? If so, what has been your most frustrating example? Let us know your thoughts on the PCGamesN Facebook and X pages.