Valve rewards Steam Deck user’s honesty after shipping mishap

After receiving two Steam Decks by mistake, this honest Redditor sent the second device back, and Valve responded by sending them a free copy of a game.

A character from Hogwarts Legacy, their face surrounded by a Steam Deck, while another Steam Deck floats on the left

After being lucky enough to accidentally receive two Steam Decks, one Reddit user opted for the honest route of letting Valve know about the mail mishap and shipped the second device back. Usually, that’d be the end of the story, but the manufacturer saw fit to reward their gesture in kind.

Apparently, Valve initially sent the Steam Deck to a place with the same address as Redditor NDAdrianM, but it turned out to be in a different province entirely. D’oh. Once they let Valve know, a second copy was duly dispatched and the matter was considered resolved.

The initial order returned a message saying shipping had failed and that the package would be returned to sender. When a Steam Deck arrived at NDAdrianM’s house a few days later, they didn’t think anything of it. They did what any self-respecting gamer would do in that situation: whacked in a 1TB SSD and started playing.

So, when another Steam Deck turned up on their doorstep, they realized the first order hadn’t been returned to sender at all: it’d come to them.  To quote Neimoidian political luminary, Nute Gunray: “This is getting out of hand. Now, there are two of them!

Many people in this situation would be tempted to keep shtum and see if Valve noticed. Not NDAdrianM, though. Despite learning from Reddit that “I had no legal responsibility to return the deck to Valve,” they decided to “let Valve know anyways and return it. [Valve] sent me a shipping label and I sent it off.”

But the tale didn’t end there. Once it’d received proof of shipping, Valve sent NDAdrianM a free copy of Hogwarts Legacy to enjoy on their new handheld! The Redditor was full of praise for the company, saying: “Valve is awesome, and I love supporting this company and their great customer service.”

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