Steam’s Halloween Sale 2017 is here with deep discounts on Doom, RE7, and more

doom steam halloween sale 2017

Steam sales used to feel like the biggest event in gaming every single time they rolled around, but somehow the shine has worn off. Now they feel commonplace, as we’re no longer shocked by less-than-a-coffee-priced games and those giveaways have just gone away. But maybe it’s for the best that we can just treat sales as sales now.

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And Steam is back in the October spirit with their Halloween 2017 Sale, offering discounts on dozens of spooky games. Not just horror titles, either, as anything with a suitably monstrous setting is apparently eligible. Those titles include the recent, excellent reimaginings of Doom and Prey, and more traditional horror titles like Resident Evil 7 and the Amnesia series.

I’d like to give a special shout out to the occasionally spooky millennial fable Night in the Woods and the anime Saw-like Zero Escape trilogy for my fellow adventure game fans, but really, there’s far too much to list out here.

Check out the Steam store for all the titles on discount. The sale will continue to run until November 1. There are also big price cuts on VR horror and Steam’s growing collection of Halloween-appropriate films.

This lines up with a report last week that outlined Steam’s next three major sale events, and it seems you’ll be able to expect the Autumn sale to start just in time for Black Friday.