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Looks like Valve are cracking down on Steam hate groups

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Valve have deleted several hate groups from Steam. According to Kotaku, all groups that have received media attention over the past few months are now inaccessible.

Here are five problems for Valve to solve in the coming year.

For the most part, Valve have remained resolutely silent in their curation of Steam, which remains the world’s largest online gaming platform. Various articles published by Motherboard and Huffington Post have called attention to various hate groups in recent months, and Valve have tended to remove specific hate groups if they surface in the wider media.

Over the past two weeks, however, the company seems to have deleted dozens of groups celebrating far right politics and school shootings. Every group that has been mentioned in articles on the subject now seems to have been deleted. Clicking through to the groups now offers a message stating that “this group has been administratively disabled,” while searches for terms associated with them now offer results in opposition to far-right politics.

Valve have made no comment on either the groups’ original existence or the decision to remove them. Discord recently shut down eight far right servers, saying they violated the company’s terms of service.