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You can pick up a Steam Link for just 80p

Steam Link review

Steam Link, which you can use to play Steam games on your TV, is currently on sale for £0.80. Ok, it’s bundled in with 2D action-RPG ICEY, but that still means you can get a new game and the Steam Link for just £7.09, at a discount of 86%.

Here's our Steam Link review.

“Virtually every game” that you can play on your PC via Steam can be played on your home TVs using the Steam Link. All you have to do is plug one end of it into your PC (ideally through a wired connection), and the other into your TV. Video and audio from your games are sent over to your TV, and controller inputs are sent back in real time.

ICEY, which you’ll have to buy if you don’t want to pick the Steam Link up for its full price of £39.99, is a 2D side-scrolling action game that asks you to question its world. Driven forward by the voice of the game’s omnipresent narrator, it’s up to players to question the direction of the game. It’s something of a blend of the meta-narrative of The Stanley Parable, and excellent hack-and-slash combat. It was nominated for the best indie game award at last year’s Tokyo Game Show.

The sale ends on October 26.

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QDP2 avatar「Spaerk」 avatarTaiga Kagami avatarBlood Blister avatar
QDP2 Avatar
5 Months ago

Note, postage isn't included in price (for me it came in at another £7.40 extra).

「Spaerk」 Avatar
「Spaerk」(3 hours played)
5 Months ago

Won't allow you to purchase the Bundle if you already own ICEY by the way.

Which kind of sucks, I would have taken the Steam Link

Taiga Kagami Avatar
5 Months ago

It is not even on sale, with shipping and handling its the normal cost for when its on sale.

Blood Blister Avatar
5 Months ago

I can't even see this deal in the store anymore, has it ended earlier than quoted above?