Steam for Linux unlikely to get development SDK at launch – “We’re going to run into the same problem we did with the Mac”, say Valve


A public-ish Steam for Linux beta is imminent, and will include the first Linux appearance of Left 4 Dead 2, if our deductive equipment is properly tuned. The list of things it will definitely not include currently reads like this: Big Picture mode, Half-Life 3, and now, a development SDK.

Valve’s Chet Faliszek was asked whether Steam for Linux beta would see an SDK during his Eurogamer Expo talk this afternoon, to which he replied, “Probably not”.

“At least not this round because our current tools use a lot of Microsoft library calls and stuff like that – that’s why we don’t have it out for the Mac. It’s definitely something we’re thinking about in the future, but right now the tools probably won’t be updated for that.”

“But saying that, [only] probably,” he added. “Because I haven’t actually asked the guys directly. That’s a good question I will ask them, but that’s my gut feeling – we’re going to run into the same problem we did with the Mac.”

Disappointing news for any Ubuntuns who planned on following Faliszek’s advice on getting into game development. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.