Steam now disables review comments by default

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Ever since Steam started allowing users to leave game reviews, they also allowed other users to comment on those reviews, whether to agree with it, correct it, insult it, or just leave a random string of nonsense words. Today that may be coming to an end as a recent update disables the ability to receive comments on Steam reviews by default.

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This change was first spotted by Reddit user Kiu16. When a review for a game is left on Steam there is always an option box below it, where users can change language, review visibility and so forth. Now there is a new option: a small checkbox labeled ‘Allow Comments’. This is unchecked by default, which means that unless reviewers opt-in, all comments will be disabled.

This seems to be related to the recent privacy policy changes implemented on Steam, which also had the unfortunate side effect of killing Steam Spy. In that instance, Steam profile data is now shared to friends only by default, so users have to choose to share their profile with the world – similar to this change in review commenting.

User reactions to these changes have been divisive, and with this latest change they’ve ranged from confused to highly negative. On the Reddit page, the highest-rated comment by MrUrgod is simply “What the f*** is happening to Steam… This is so f***ed.” Most of the other comments are just as, er, passionate. Mysuperis adds “its like they are making everything private, whats next? Only friends can see your name?”, whereas megapowa asks the important question, “so how are we supposed to combat bulls**t reviews?”