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Steam’s ARG backfires on Valve as joker sends fish in the mail

Valve Red Herring video

Cod blimey! Disappointed by the outcome of the Steam ARG that ran over the holidays, one meddling prankster has taken it upon themselves to post Valve herring in the mail – a cheeky reference to the Red Herring Steam badge that popped up during the trail. There’s even a video of Valve unboxing the surprise. 

So no Half-Life 3, then? Fret not, these upcoming PC games look pretty darn good.

Yes, the virtual easter egg hunt that was Steam’s alternate virtual reality game over the holidays was a bit of a flop. After some weaving and winding; some comic book clues, a Hitman barcode and the now infamous “Red Herring” Steam badge, not to mention some ridiculous rumours – some of which even linked the ARG to the North Pole – the quest culminated in a big bunch of nothing. No Half-Life 3, no big reveal, just a simple lampoon at the hands of Valve, it seemed.

Well, this didn’t sit very well with one Steam Sales Detectives – a subreddit organised to uncover the supposed secret – member, who sought to put the Washington-based developers in their plaice, sorry, place.

User redjevel posted photos and a video showing Valve team members receiving and opening individually wrapped packages that contained herring inside – a nod and a wink towards the Red Herring badge that ultimately proved to be just that. The wrapping paper was also themed, as pictured in the header image above. Have a look at the delivery:

The Valve employees on the receiving end seem to take it in good spirits, which is nice to see. Then again, they may well think twice about steering fans down a dead end street in future, depending on how bad the office smelled for the remainder of the day.

Thanks, Kotaku.