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Steam Summer Sale Day 2: the best of the bunch

Steam Summer Sale 2014 day 2

Another day, another batch of ridiculous game sales on Steam. Did you grab anything yesterday? I bet you did. I ended up grabbing Enslaved and Dark Scavenger. I know, I know, they weren’t flash or daily deals so I’m insane, but I can’t imagine them being any cheaper. I may eat my words.

There are a lot of games to get through, but I’m going to help the best float to the top. Take a gander below for the best of Day 2’s sales.

Daily Deals:

The Walking Dead Season 2 is something you need to own. Telltale has cemented its position as the master of story-based adventure games, not so much tugging on heart strings, but ripping them out and slapping you with them. At 50 percent off, and only 3 out of 5 episodes released, it’s not as instantly impressive as other deals, but it’s simply a fantastic game, and £9.49/$12:49 is a steal.

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs will make you leak. Crying, pissing a shitting – it’s a scary game. Some prefer Dark Descent because it turned madness into a gameplay mechanic, but the unsettling exploration of A Machine for Pigs makes it a standout title. And it’s only £3.37/$4.99.

State of Decay is rough around the edges, but don’t hold it against the zombie survival game. It’s one of the few post-apocalyptic titles that’s concerned with practical things like rebuilding society and building a community. The writing is mediocre and the story isn’t very good, but it’s fun and has a surprisingly deep management system. At £3.74/$4.99, it’s a cracking deal.

Flash Sales:

Mount and Blade: Warband is ugly and dated. It’s also one of the best RPG/sims I’ve had the good fortune to play. Often overlooked because of its poor interface and lack of user friendliness, it makes up for this with ridiculous depth and sandbox potential. And the mods! Oh god, the mods. There are many, and they are great. It’s £2.99/$3.99 and for that you’re getting hundreds of games.

Community’s Choice:

Call of Juarez is a very uneven series. The first one was inventive, but had terrible first-person platforming; the second was a bit more basic, but provided a lot of fun western action; and the third was complete, borderline racist, garbage. Then there’s Gunslinger: it’s bloody great. The best in the series and simply an excellent whisky-soaked arcade shooter. Grab it for £2.99/$3.74. Or, better yet, grab the Gunslinger and Far Cry Blood Dragon bundle for £4.99/$6.24.

So that’s the best of Day 2, so far. Remember, the flash sales and community’s choice deals change every 8 hours, so keep an eye out for new stuff.

Anything taking your fancy?